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Read This First!

Post by Admin on Mon May 12, 2008 2:53 am

Dear Guildmate!

Exclamation Please change your username into your char name in nemesis guild.
others name will be deleted!

Exclamation Please use difference password and email for this forum.
Nemesis Forum staff will not take any responsibility if you been scam or hack.

Exclamation Don't enter other website links from this forum if you think something wrong with it.
some porno website got cookies that can steal your username and password.
more worst if you are using online banking with your pc!. so take your own risk!

Exclamation Request tread only for you to make a request from guild.
No Talking allow inside request tread! if u want make any suggestion or complains please make new topic inside Talk Rubbish Tread! Need a lot of patience here!
Otherwise your post will be deleted!

Exclamation Please try to use english when you are posting.
we got friends from other country, so be nice!

Please give us your co-operation!

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